Corporate Social Responsibility

A sustainable management component is intrinsic to our company. Ecological co-benefits including biodiversity, native tree species and ecosystem restoration is a core focus in Malawi and Zambia where the moringa is grown

Local Community growth program :
Involvement of local communities to offer alternative livelihoods and other alternatives to prevent further Poverty, as it is prevalent in the area, so local people are employed in growing our plantations naturally and organically. All our crops are SGS verified with 30.5% protein content.

Full social responsibility program :
Honey - The honey business currently directly affects over 500 rural based farmers.

Climate mitigation :
Indigenous tree Nursery and Moringa Trees planting. Currently, Moringa wellness is planting 2500 Moringa Trees in schools per month in Zambia providing the trees at no cost to the schools. In Buying Moringa Wellness Products the Consumer is Directly Improving the Livelihoods and the Envorinments in Zambia and Malawi.