Flavoured Moringa Milk Supplier

Flavoured Moringa Milk

Moringa Baobab Milk : Milk Modifiers (e.g. Milo & Nesquik) have been used for decades to entice children to drink more milk. By adding functional botanicals and no extra sugar to the full cream milk powder we have tried to work towards our motto of nutritious meets delicious!


Smoothie Powder Blends : Add 30 grams (sachet) to 300 mls of your favourite smoothie. Contains a blend of Moringa and Baobab extract


Shelf Life 1 Year
Dosage 1 + 7 (31,25 gram powder samples plus 219 ml water to prepare 250 ml of ready to consume sample.)
Flavour Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla
Packaging Packed in bottles

  • Chocolate Flavoured Moringa Milk

  • Strawberry Flavoured Moringa Milk

  • Vanilla Flavoured Moringa Milk