Key People

Keith Duvel (Managing Director) :
Has over two decades of experience in economic development & planning and international trade. He is an expert in developing industrial upgrading and modernization programmes for implementation at national level in the 14 SADC region for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Keith operates as the CEO of Moringa Mavens, coordinating the technology and other service providers to deliver the Moringa Mavens product range to the market.

Grant Momple (Chairman) :
Qualified in Microbiology at the Kwa Zulu Natal University of Technology (1982) and in Food Technology at the Cape Town University of Technology (1985). Has worked in the following industries: Dairy, Herb and Spice, Fruit Juice and Flavours. In the Flavour Industry he has worked for IFF, Firmenich, Wild and Doehler. For the last 18 years he has worked in the Cape Province two companies manufacturing fruit juices, botanical extracts, flavours and emulsions.

Dr. James Laporta (Resident Doctor) :
MBChB (UCT), DMH (SA), Dip PEC (SA) Integrative, Medical practitioner Dr. Laporta obtained his medical degree at the University of Cape Town and has also completed his post grad diploma’s in Mental Health and Emergency Medicine. He started studying complementary and herbal medicines over 14 years ago, and continues to travel to conferences, assimilate research, and lecture. Dr. Laporta has a private practice in Cape Town, is a corporate wellness specialist for Kaelo, and consultant to Natural Medicine Company – Wings Herbal Synergy. He is also active in matters regarding food supplements vs. medicaments, and the future of natural medicines in South Africa.

Prof. Arno Hugo (M.Sc Agric; Ph.D - Associate Professor) :
Microbial Biochemical and Food Biotechnology University of the Free State. In the Food Science Division of the Department of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology lecturing meat science, food analysis and other food science courses. Prof Hugo has completed a full-length research paper on the nutritional characterization of Moringa Oleifera leaves in 2011. This included full laboratory analysis of the nutritional values of Moringa. He has also completed an analysis of the Moringex Moringa Extract.

Kersten Paulsen (Botanist) :
BSc University of Stellenbosch. Majors in Botany, Zoology and Geology. Farming experience: Livestock and Cultivation.
Business experience: in excess of 25 years in business working in the Phytotrade industry doing Plant identification in the field, concluding Material transfer agreements and Benefit sharing agreements with Local communities for the harvest of our range of medicinal plants. Further specializing in Drying, Milling and Sterilization of the different plant materials.